S No 12-1-2 and 12-2-2 Narhe, Taluka- Haveli, Near Sanas Crane, Pune-Bangalore Highway, Pune, Maharashtra 411041
Approved By AICTE and Affiliated To Savitribai Phule Pune University Facilitation Center - 6649



Welcome to the Central Library of TSSM’s Bhivarabai Sawant College of Engineering & Research. The main objective of central library is to provide seamless access to information to its users in a networked environment and to become a premier Learning Resource Centre in Engineering, Science & Technology and related areas. The library is fully automated with Koha library management system with barcode technology. The Library has rich collection of reference books, textbooks and handbooks required for teaching learning activities. Besides technical books, there are good number of books on management, humanities, and literature. The library has covering an area of 693 square meters. It has well designed and maintained stack rooms. The library database is centrally computerized for accession and renewals with smart card for the students and bar codes for the books for easy, secure and quick operation. The library has subscribed e-books, research journals in electronic as well as printed formats with various reputed online scientific databases such as American Society for Civil Engineering (ASCE), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), Science-Direct, SpringerLink and ProQuest E-Books. Student can reserve the books through the OPAC/ Web-OPAC.


Library and Information services offering to our user community
  • Circulation Service
  • Reference Service
  • Reprography Services
  • OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
  • Reprography Services
  • Inter Library Loan Service
  • Newspaper Clipping Service
  • Periodical Service
  • New Arrival Service
  • Book Bank facility
  • User Orientation Service

  • 1. Readers should maintain silence in the Library premises, reading room and should not disturb other student in any way.
  • 2. Identity card is must while visiting and using the library.
  • 3. Use of cell phone, Laptops and smoking inside the library is strictly prohibited.
  • 4. While entering the library readers are not allowed to carry their personal belongings (bags, brief-cases, parcels etc.) and eatable items (biscuits, cookies, fruits, chocolates, cold drinks, tea/coffee, etc.). Their belongings should be deposited at the security counter.
  • 5. Readers are requested to handle the Library property carefully to avoid damage.
  • 6. Readers shall not write upon, damage, or make any mark upon any book, journal or magazine, or other material belonging to the library.
  • 7. While entering the library student must be sign in a student register.
  • 8. Any reader observing a defect, or damage to any book or manuscript shall point out the same to the Library Staff immediately.
  • 9. Borrowers must satisfy themselves about the physical condition of the book before borrowing. Otherwise they will be responsible for any damage at the time of returning.
  • 10. Books borrowed on a particular day will not be accepted for return on the same day.
  • 11. Books taken for reference from the stack area need to be kept on the table and not to be merged on the shelves.
  • 12. Rs. 1.00 for per book per day will be charged, if book is not returned after the due date.
  • 13. Reading room timings 8.30 A.M. to 02.00 A.M. (Midnight) Monday to Saturday during the exam preparation. (Sunday & Holiday Library will be close)
  • 14. Institute is not responsible of any lost or theft into reading room area.
  • 15. For further help contact to Librarian Email: librarian.bscoer@gmail.com

Sr.No. Course Total Number of Title Total Number of Volumes
1 Civil Engineering 342 1700
2 Compute Engineering 531 2199
3 Electrical Engineering 367 1728
4 Electronics & Telecommunication 522 2349
5 Mechanical Engineering 556 2509
6 PG Civil 131 406
7 PG Computer 152 503
8 PG Electrical 135 408
9 PG E & TC 151 502
10 PG Mechanical 112 311
11 General Science 260 1575
12 UGB 40 109
13 DBook 309 276
  Total 3608 14575

Sr.No. Magazines Name Department
1 Construction Week Indi Civil Engineering
2 New Building Materials & Construction World Civil Engineering
3 Data Quest Computer Engineering
4 Electronics For You E & TC
5 Electronics Make E & TC
6 Energy Future (Formerly The Solar Quarterly) Electrical Engineering
7 Machinery For You Mechanical Engineering
8 Motor India Mechanical Engineering
9 Avishkar General Science
10 India Today- General Science
11 "University News " General Science

The Central library has a separate place exclusively devoted for a digital library. It has in housed with 10 independent machines. A patron can surf the internet, listen and watch academic related audios & videos in a digital library. Apart from this, the users from the digital library can also browse the parent library through Library OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) and even subscribed electronic databases. The digital library is designed and developed keeping in view the shifting electronic environment and the day to day needs of students.

Sr.No. E-Resource Access Link/URL
1 Springer (149) https://link.springer.com/
2 Science Direct (Elsevier) (275) https://www.sciencedirect.com/
3 ASCE (35) https://ascelibrary.org/
4 ASTM (Jrl.8, STP.1560, MNL 169) https://compass.astm.org/CUSTOMERS/index.html
5 ProQuest E-Books(27000) https://ebookcentral.proquest.com/lib/bsiotr-narhe-ebooks/home.action?ebraryDocId=null