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Industry Sponsored Research

Sr. No. Name of Principal Investigator Duration of project Name of the research project Amount / Fund received (Lakhs) Name of funding agency Department of recipient
1 Prof.A.K.Mahale Two Year Effect of different material on the performance of partical impact Damper 0.70 BCUD Mechanical Engg
2 Prof.U.K.Shinde Two Year Development of photovoltaic emulator for accurate emulation of PV array characteristics under partial shading condition 1.60 BCUD Electrical Engineering
3 Prof.V.Z.Patil Two Year Indoor air quality by farming 1.60 BCUD Civil Engg
4 Dr.G.A.Hinge Two Year Development of new flow control device 1.80 BCUD Civil Engg
5 Prof.A.R.Vasatkar Two Year Waste utilization & various materials in formation of good quality in road pavement 1.70 BCUD Civil Engg
6 Prof.N.N.Morey Two Year Compression behavior of concrete using steel fiber & glass fibers at various temperature 1.10 BCUD Civil Engg
7 Prof.R.N.Pote Two Year To Evaluate experimentally, combustion & emission performance of waste tyre pyrolysis oil on variable compression ratio,single cylinder diesel engine 1.00 BCUD Mechanical Engg
8 Prof.S.N.Patil Two Year Development of 3 phase shunt active power filter 2.00 BCUD Electrical Engineering