Teacher Training Course

About Teacher Training Course

We at Jayawant Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, continuously review, observe & evaluate new ideas, methods & techniques for the teachers to implement in preschool to make further generation an excellent human being.

Understanding child & preparing a conducive, environment at preschool, holistic development of children is what, Teacher’s training imparts in the help & co-operation, So that they may impart education, based on modern lines to Pre-school children.

It also focuses creative ideas &nurtures the importance of Art in the overall development of a child. The course weaves a lot of creative work in training & makes it fulfilling & interesting.

A fantastic showcase of innovative & beautiful teaching aids exhibition was held at the end of every course tenure.

The Teacher Training Course at Jaywant Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Narhe offers in-depth and comprehensive introduction to teaching techniques and education as a profession. The course prepares the aspiring teachers for imparting education not only as an intellectual interest but also as a person with area of social concern.


Our aim is……

“To create preprimary teaches with scientific early childhood education knowledge, sensitive and skilled to work with the 3to 6 years age group to unfold the inherent potential of the children”.


                                                         Mrs.Revati Nalawade

                                                  HOD-Teacher Training Course