Sports & Gymnassium


  1. Outdoor and indoor sports facilities are available for volleyball, cricket, kabaddi, football, chess, carrom, table-tennis, etc.
  2. Hired ground/facilities are available for cricket, football, etc.
  3. Students are motivated/encouraged to take part in various tournaments at College/District/ University/ State/National level.


  1. A physical instructor is exclusively appointed to look after playing.
  2. Physical instructor and members report to the sports-in-charge who in turn report to the Head of the Institution, regularly.


  1. The students make use of the those facility on day-to-day basis.
  2. The facility is used for conducting Yoga / Meditation.

Achievements of Students at University level:
Mr. Amit Mahadik has won gold medal in Wrestling at Deploma Level.
Indoor Sports facility:
Indoor Sports Facilities like Table tennis, carrom and chess are also provided.
Outdoor Sports facility:-
Cricket and Volleyball grounds are available on campus. BSCOER also have a facility for Kabaddi and Football grounds.