Departmental Library features

The library has good collection of books according to the syllabi for UG as well as for PG students.

The library contains good collection of books as well as study material for the preparation of different competitive examinations as well as entrance examinations like GATE, CAT, GRE, TOFEL, JEST, CEED etc.

Numbers of reference books in different areas are available for researchers.

Previous year’s seminar and project reports are maintained in the library for the ready reference of students.

Basic Electrical Engineering

•1 Phase and 3 Phase Auto Transformer.
•Analog Megger
•1 Phase Transformer with both side Tapings.
•1 Phase and 3 Phase Lamp Bank.
•Sodium Vapour Lamps,Mercury Vapour Lamps
•Superposition Theorem Kit

Electrical Measurement & Network Analysis Lab

•TOD energy meter
•Kelvin’s double bridge
•Andersons Bridge
•LVDT Trainer kit
•Pressure Transducer
•Digital Insulation Meter
•Earth Tester
•DC megger 1000v

Material Science & High Voltage Lab

•Kit for measurement of Hysteresis loop of transformer core B-H curve kit.
•High voltage Tester output : 0.5 KVA 30 mA Input :240V,50Hz.
•Thermocouple study Unit.
•3 Phase Lamp/Inductor/Capacitor Banks

Electrical Machines Lab

•D.C. series motor, and Shunt Motor
•3 Phase Induction Motor
•Three Phase & Single Phase Transformer
•Control Panel
•Rectifier Unit

Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab

•89V51RD2 Based development board
•LCD Display Interface Module
•LED Interfacing Card
•Keyboard Display Interface
•ADC Interface card
•DAC Interface card
•Stepper Motor Interface Card

Power Electronics and Drives Lab

•V-I characteristics & (gate drive) triggering ckts. For MOSFET & IGBT
•Single phase half controlled & full controlled bridge
•3 Phase Semi converter
•Step Down Chopper demonstration Kit
•3-ph voltage source transistorized inverter

Computer Lab

•HCL Computer (CPU, Mouse, Key board, Monitor)
•PSIM, Matlab, Turbo C, Foxit Software
•Acer Desktop (3RD GEN CPU G2020 (2.90 GHZ)
•Infocus Projector IN112i
•Rack 6 V Switch Rack

Control System & PLC Lab

•synchro transmitter, synchro receiver.
•AC position control system
•DC position control system
•RC LEAD & RC LAG Network Trainer
•A)composite PIDcontroller ( ON-Off + P + PI+ PD+ PID)
•B) Computer interface and graphical real trending process software for PID

Power System & Switchgear Lab

•Switchgear/Protective Real testing
•Transmission line Model
•VAR compensation kit
•Simulation Model for merz-price
•Protection of alternator
•IDMT relay/Induction to digital over current relay

Project Lab

•Acer dual core desktop 3rd gen
•Intel dual core cpu g2020 (2.90 ghz)
•H61 intel mb / 2gb ddr3 /500 gb hdd
•Keyboard + mouse / 18.5” tft led
•HP Laser Printer 1009