Faculty Details

Prof. A. P. Kinge

Designation:            HOD & Assistant Professor

Qualification:           M.E. (Power System)

Experience:               Teaching: 12 Yrs.

Specialization:          Electrical Power Systems .

Email:                         apkinge@tssm.in

Prof. U. K. Shinde

Designation:            Assistant Professor

Qualification:           M. Tech.(Control Systems), Ph.D. (Pursuing)

Experience:               Teaching: 12 Yrs., Industry:3 Yrs.

Specialization:         Control System

Email:                        ukshinde@tssm.in

Dr. Mrs. N.M. Lokhande

Designation:            Associate Professor

Qualification:           Ph.D (Electronics Engineering)

Experience:               Teaching: 18 Yrs., Industrial: 0.7 Yr.

Specialization:          Image Processing, Power System, Power                                                                                                Electronics.

Email:                        netralokhande@gmail.com


Dr. S. G. Kanade

Designation:            Associate Professor

Qualification:           Ph. D. Computer Science

Experience:               Teaching: 5 Yrs. , Research: 6 Yrs.

Specialization:         Digital Signal and Image Processing, Computer Vision,                                                                        Biometrics and Security.

Email:                        sgkanade@tssm.in


Prof. J. S. Kulkarni

Designation:            Assistant Professor

Qualification:           M. Tech.(Power Systems), Ph.D. (Pursuing)

Experience:              Teaching: 14.5 yrs

Specialization:         Power Electronics.

Email:                        jskulkarni@tssm.in


Prof. R. P. Kelapure

Designation:            Assistant Professor

Qualification:           M.E. (Power System)

Experience:              Teaching: 4 yrs Industry: 5 yrs

Specialization:         Power System, Switchgear and Protection.

Email:                        rpkelapure@tssm.in


Prof. A. U. Begum

Designation:            Assistant Professor

Qualification:           M.Tech. (Electrical Power System)

Experience:              Teaching; 7 yrs

Specialization:         Power System, Electrical Machines, Switchgear and                                                                              Protection ,Power Electronics.

Email:                        aubegum@tssm.in


Prof. A. T. Kalambe

Designation:            Assistant Professor

Qualification:          M.E. Control System (Pursuing)

Experience:              Teaching:7 Yrs. ,Industry:2 Yrs.

Specialization:         Microprocessor and Microcontroller

Email:                        atkalambe@tssm.in

Prof. M. S. Patil

Designation:            Assistant Professor

Qualification:         M.E. Electrical Power System (Pursuing)

Experience:             Teaching: 7 Yrs.

Specialization:         Power System

Email:                       mspatil@tssm.in

Prof. N. A Gore

Designation:            Assistant Professor

Qualification:          M. E. (Power System)

Experience:             Teaching: 5 Yrs., Industry:1 Yrs.

Specialization:        Power System

Email:                       nagore@tssm.in

Prof. S.S.Bageshwar

Designation:           Assistant Professor

Qualification:         M .Tech (Power Electronics & Power System)

Experience:             Teaching: 3 Years

Specialization:        Power System, Power Quality.

Email:                       snha.bageshwar@gmail.com


Prof. D.S. Sargar

Designation:           Assistant Professor

Qualification:         M.Tech (Electrical Power System)

Experience:             Teaching: 1.5 Years, Industry: 0. 6 year

Specialization:        Power Quality, Renewable Energy & power  System.

Email:                       jaysargar4@gmail.com


Prof. V. H. Patil

Designation:           Assistant Professor

Qualification:         M.E. Electrical Power System

Experience:             Teaching: 1.5Yrs

Specialization:        Power System

Email:                       vhpatil@tssm.in

Prof. A.E.Shivdas

Designation:           Assistant Professor

Qualification:         M.Tech. Electronics

Experience:             Teaching: 2Yrs

Specialization:        Digital Systems.

Email:                       ashvinishivdas@gmail.com