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About Department

Mechanical Engineering Branch is a evergreen and versatile branch of engineering. A Mechanical Engineer can work in various specialized areas like Designing of various complicated systems(i.e Design Engineering ), Automotive Systems, Combustion and Propulsion,Dynamic Systems and Controls, Energy Systems and Thermodynamics,Heat Transfer, Fluid Power Engineering, Refrigeration & Air conditioning and most importantly in software field also.
The programs in Mechanical Engineering provides a broad intellectual foundation in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Our undergraduate program combines a broad-based education in the engineering sciences with a strong grounding in quantitative, problem-solving, design, and communications skills. The undergraduate degree program prepares students for professional practice in an era of rapidly advancing technology.

The Mechanical Engineering Department is one of the largest in terms of faculty, students, and activities, continues to lead and expand its activities in various directions. The department is in the process of being accredited by National Board of Accreditation. The department has most modern CAD/CAM center. The department has 11 laboratories, 3 computer labs, 2 PG labs and workshop with modern equipments. We are in the process of establishing tie-ups with various industries for transfer of technical knowledge and industrial projects. We have undertaken various projects and developed research and development culture in our department.

  Prof. M.V.Dalvi
                Head, Mechanical Department


To develop competent mechanical engineer for serving the diversified and emerging needs of society.


  • To provide a conducive academic environment for nurturing aspirants.
  • To cultivate professionalism among learners/students for social growth.

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Mechanical Engineering

Direct Second Year :120

Mechanical Engineering(Design)